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(72468) 3/9/10 @ 8:29 am, Northgate/Rosin Ct, Gun Arrest, Northgate/Gardenland: Officer Aquino stopped a car at the above location. The officer located a loaded gun under a blanket on the front passenger seat. Juan Duran 10/31/82 (lives downtown) was arrested on gun charges.
(72575) 3/9/10 @ 10:20 am, Burglary, 2800 block of Tourbrook (San Juan/I-80 area), S. Natomas
Three suspects got out of a car and opened the unlocked roll up garage door. They entered the house through the unlocked interior garage door. They took several items from inside the house including a TV and laptop. The suspects left in a car that had an additional subject driving. Suspect car: Grey 4-door car (possible a Ford Crown Victoria) with a disabled plate or placard on the back. Suspects: 3 subjects entered the house that were dark complexion male black adults, 20's, 5'8", slender and wearing hoodies. The driver of the car was a female black adult or female Hispanic adult, 40-50 yrs., long hair.
(73543) 3/10/10 @ 9:04 am, San Juan/Truxel (Papa Murphy's), Attempt Robbery, S. Natomas
The female victim parked in the parking lot and walked up to the Papa Murphy's. There was a group of 5 male black juvenile subjects standing near the corner. As she was going into the Papa Murphy's, one subject ran up behind her and grabbed her purse. The victim held onto her purse so the suspect couldn't grab it. He then ran away along with the other subjects that were on the corner. The suspect: male black juvenile, 5'10", 170 lbs, red hoodie and dark jeans.
(73401) 3/10/10 @ 2:10 am, Mendel/River Run, Drug Arrest, S. Natomas
Officers Stewart and Kinion responded to the area regarding a call of two suspicious subjects in the area (male and female). They located the two subjects at the above location. One of them was on probation. A probation search revealed several bindles of pills in his jacket pocket. Some were ibuprofen, some were vitamin pills and over 30 of them were illegal prescription pills. Nathaniel Guerrero 12/22/86 (lives in the East Area) was arrested on drug charges and violation of probation.
(73416) 3/10/10 @ 3:11 am, Burglary, 3678 North Freeway (BevMo), N. Natomas
The suspect(s) forced open the front doors. They took 14 bottles of vodka and left through the same doors. No further description of the suspects.
(73007) 3/9/10 @ 4:44 pm, Northgate/San Juan, Drug Sales/Arrest, Northgate/Gardenland
Officers Buno and Mok stopped a Green Dodge truck with expired registration as it pulled into a parking stall at 3317 Northgate. The driver was on parole for drugs. Officers located two Mentos candy boxes in the car. They contained 3 baggies of methamphetamine and 2 baggies of cocaine. The suspect also had over $1800 on him. They went to his address (3465 Rancho Rio Wy) to conduct a parole search. They located a scale inside the house with methamphetamine residue on it. Anthony Aratoli 10/27/58 was arrested for drug sales and parole violation.
(74419) 3/10/10 @ 11:34 pm, Truxel/Pebblewood, Drug Arrest, S. Natomas
Officer Spencer stopped a subject riding a bike in the area. The suspect stopped behind a large electrical box before the officer could get to him. The subject was on probation out of Yolo County. Officers located a syringe in his backpack. The suspect was also attempting to hide a baggie of methamphetamine in his mouth - which the officers eventually found. Samir Zikeria 12/23/82 (lives of Aviator Cr) was arrested on drug charges.
Traffic Enforcement

* 3/10/10 - The traffic team worked various locations in Natomas. They wrote 42 traffic citations and towed 2 cars.